A big THANK YOU to our sponsors:

Resource Bank, Genoa

The 2020 calendar, membership form, showbills and sponsorship form are now available!  

Our meetings are the first Monday of the month.  In light of the COVID19 Pandemic, meetings are now being held virtually.  Contact the secretary for more information.  All are welcome!   

Circle K-D Trail Riders Club

NEW!! Extremely flexible

Options for

Working Memberships
(See Membership Application for more information concerning types of memberships)

Work a:

  • Playnight: 1 work credit
  • Half Day of a show (4 or more consecutive hours): 1 work credit
  • Full day show (8 or more consecutive hours): 2 work credits
  • Cleanup: 1 work credit
  • NIO event: 1 work credit per 4 consecutive hours worked, maximum of 2 credits per day
  • Obtain a sponsor:​  Walk Level: 1 work credit, Trot Level: 2 work credits, Canter Level: 3 work credits
  • Grounds Maintenance: 1 work credit for every 4 hours
  • Serve as an Officer or Director (Director is a 2-year commitment): 3 work credits

*Single Memberships need 5 work credits

*Family Memberships need 10 work credits

The work requirement is designed to be flexible and inclusive of people at all stages of life and careers. Anyone who does not complete the work requirement and wants to continue being a member in future years, will be charged an additional $40 per work credit not completed the following year. For example, an individual pays $40, then only earns 1 work credit: If they want to sign up again the following year, their dues are $200. $40 is the base, plus $160 for work credits they didn’t earn.

​Upcoming Events

Family, Friends & Fun!

Do you love horses?

Looking for a family oriented atmosphere with friendly competition?

Whether you enjoy trail riding, showing, gaming, riding for fun or just enjoy watching, Circle KD offers something for everyone!  

From shows, to trail rides, parades, and weekly play nights, there's a place for all riders, all ages, and all disciplines.  

Don't have a horse? That's ok!  You can still join and come have fun with us!