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​​Circle K-D Trail Riders Club

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Try us out for only $10**

Prospective members may come out and ride in our weekly play nights for only $10.00, or just $25.00 for the family*. Click on the link below to print out the guest membership form. *(Guests can attend 4 Friday playnights and 2 Thursday playnights. Guest membership fees do not apply to dues upon joining.)

Become a Member of Circle K-D

Membership at Circle K-D is easy and affordable

Click on the link below to join!  

If paying membership dues online there will be a $5 service charge. Please click the appropriate product below to complete the process, then just email us your membership form with a note that payment was made online.


 **If you are viewing this on a mobile device, only the Single Member product is available.  Please visit our desktop site for Family or Non-Rider sign ups.

​​Circle K-D offers 3 levels of working membership :

Single -

For an individual rider looking to connect with other horse people, a single membership is ideal. Annual dues are only $60.00, and give you full access to all club events such as trail rides, play nights, camp outs, etc.  If you sign up by April 1st, your annual dues are only $40!

Family -

For the family that enjoys riding together, annual dues are only $100.00. Play nights, trail rides, camp outs and many other activities are available for some family time together.  If you sign up by April 1st, your annual dues are only $80!

Non-Rider -

Love horses, but don't have one of your own? Support Circle KD by coming to watch, and being apart of the 'backstage' planning for decisions and voting.  Non-rider memberships are only $15.00 annually. 

(note: working requirements do not apply to non-rider memberships)

Why Join Circle K-D?

Members enjoy many benefits at Circle K-D! All regular events are open and free of charge to members. From trail rides to our weekly play nights, parades to camp outs, and of course, our year end awards banquet. Members also receive a discounted secretary fee for all Circle KD Shows.

Circle K-D Members will be assigned to a Director for the year who will be their primary 'go-to' person for questions and concerns. Of course, all officers and directors are available to help any member or prospective member with anything they may need.

In addition to the annual dues, each individual work membership must earn 5 work credits, and each family membership must earn 10 work credits.  Work Credits can be earned as follows: 

One Playnight=1 work credit

Half Day of a show (4 or more consecutive hours)=1 work credit

Full Day Show (8 or more consecutive hours)=2 work credits

Organized Cleanup=1 work credit per four hours worked

NIO Event (or other arena rental)=1 work credit per 4 consecutive hours worked

Obtain a sponsor: Walk Level=1 work credit; Trot Level = 2 work credits; Canter =3 work credits

Grounds Maintenance (weed whack, mow, drag, etc.)=1 work credit for every four hours worked (hours do not need to be consecutive)

Serve as an officer= 3 work credits

Serve as a director = 1 work credit to attend 70% of meetings, then 1 work credit for each playnight directed

Our work requirements are designed to be flexible, encouraging members help out when and where they can.  Our member support and help is key to the operation of the club!  Not able to join as a working rider?  No problem!  We also offer non-working memberships!

Non-Working Single Membership: $300 per year

Non-Working Family Membership: $600 per year